Mesh Banners

Stand out to customers. Stand up to the elements.
• Mesh weave lets air through, minimising wind effects
• Built-in grommets (included free) make hanging easy
• Reinforced edges (also included) to increase durability
• Water- and UV-resistant
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52 x 91 cm
73 x 215 cm
76 x 122 cm
76 x 183 cm
76 x 244 cm
76 x 305 cm
76 x 366 cm
122 x 122cm
122 x 183 cm
122 x 244 cm
173 x 340 cm
150 cm x 200 cm
150 cm x 300 cm
150 cm x 400 cm
200 cm x 300 cm
200 cm x 400 cm
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Get your word out in all kinds of weather with rugged – and fully customisable – mesh banners.

Ready to turn some heads? Invite passersby to walk into your shop or check out your booth with bright and enticing custom mesh banners. We’ve designed these banners with windy conditions, outdoor events and shopfronts in mind: Made of UV- and water-resistant polyester, the banner’s mesh weave lets the wind pass right through. And with 1.3-cm metal eyelets and reinforced edges included, your mesh signs will look great time and time again, no matter what Mother Nature has in store.

Hanging Accessories

These add-ons can help you securely attach mesh banners to construction fences, tent poles and more. (Pro tip: Make sure you pull your banner taut to avoid damage in windy conditions.)
mesh banner with nylon ropes

Nylon Ropes
Suspend your banner between posts or hooks. 15m in length.

mesh banner with zip ties

Zip Ties
Quickly attach your banner to poles or fences. Pack of 50.

Design Tip

Keep it simple. Start with one main message,  and then make it big. This keeps your audience – street traffic, event attendees or someone else – from getting overwhelmed or confused. You’ll be able to give them more information when they come over to say hello.
mesh banner by Vistaprint

Are mesh banners right for you? 

Vistaprint offers a variety of customisable banners. Check out each option below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are mesh banners made of?
A: We use PVC-coated270 g/m2 polyester thread to create a 70-30 mesh weave. This means that 70% of the banner’s surface area is covered with material. The remaining 30% is made up of small holes that let the wind pass through.

Q: How long will my custom mesh banners last?
A: About 2 years on average. Please note a banner’s lifespan can vary based on how often you display it in direct sunlight, how often it’s used in the rain and whether it’s properly hung.

Q: Can I print on both sides of my banner?
A: No. We only offer 1-sided printing right now.

Q: I have a design that includes a lot of fine detail. How will it print on mesh?
A: While the mesh weave is great for windy conditions, the 70-30 weave means that color looks slightly less vibrant, and fine details may not be visible. A better match may be our vinyl banners – we’d recommend our 510 g/m2 outdoor vinyl option, with eyelets and reinforced edges added for extra durability. 

Q: Are eyelets included on my banner? How big are they and what are they made of?
A: Yes. These mesh signs come with included metal grommets, each 1.3 cm in diameter.

Q: How many eyelets come with my banner and where are they placed?
A: Metal eyelets are placed along the top and bottom of mesh banners, about two feet apart. (Please note that you cannot request changes to the number or placement of grommets.)

The number of eyelets varies by banner size. If your banner is sized:

52 x 91 cm, 76 x 122 cm, 122 x 122 cm, 76 x 183 cm: 4 eyelets
• 122 x 183 cm, 76 x 244 cm: 6 eyelets
• 76 x 305 cm, 73 x 215 cm: 8 eyelets
• 150 x 200 cm: 10 eyelets
• 122 x 244 cm, 76 x 366 cm: 12 eyelets
• 173 x 340 cm: 14 eyelets
• 150 x 300 cm:16 eyelets
• 150 x 400 cm, 200 x 300 cm: 18 eyelets
• 200 x 400 cm: 20 eyelets

Q: Do mesh banners have seams?
A: Yes. The banner is made of one piece of fabric, so we fold over the edge and add in a stitched hem to reinforce the edges. This helps keep mesh signs looking crisp and polished after many uses.

Q: How much will my mesh banner weigh?
A: The weight of your vinyl banner will vary by size. Here are a few examples:

• 52 x 91 cm: About 130 grams
• 76 x 183 cmAbout 375 grams
• 200 x 300 cmAbout 1.6 kg

Q: Q: Can I order a custom size?
A: No – but given our wide arrange of sizes, there’s a very good chance that we have existing options that will match your needs.

Q: Are mesh banners flame-retardant?
A: Yes. The banner weave is B1 certified – and it’s also REACH certified.

Q: How quickly can I get my banner? What shipping options are available?
A: At checkout, you’ll be able to choose from the following shipping options: 2, 5 or 10 business days.

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