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Window Decals

Maximise your most visible space.
Self-levelling film helps eliminate air bubbles
 Sticks to flat glass (not car windows), but easy to remove
Clear or opaque decals available
 Free squeegee included (be sure to set quantity to 1)

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Product Specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

Turn heads and share key information with professionally designed custom window decals.

Working in a shopfront or office setting that features large windows, glass walls or counters? Make the most of that valuable real estate and promote in-store sales, special events or even your business hours with custom window decals. Inviting signage can entice passersby to stop in to see what your business is all about – and we’re ready to help with business window decal options for a variety of needs.

Ready to start creating your window signs? First, choose your background material – see-through clear or an easy-to-read white. Next, decide which side of the glass you’ll use: Our decals are available in both weather-proof inside-glass or eye-catching outside-glass. (See below to learn more.) Then explore our wide range of customisable full-colour designs to find the one that’s right for you. Finally, when your window decals arrive, just peel them off and apply with our optional free squeegee. Your decals will require next to no maintenance – in fact, the self-levelling film adhesive makes it easy to remove your decals without smudges or streaks.


Printing: Inside- vs. Outside-Glass Options

Which printing approach is right for your custom window decals? Here’s a primer on what each means.

Outside-Glass (First Surface)

Decals cling on the back, with designs displayed on the glass surface. Designs are a bit brighter and easier to see from a distance.

Inside-Glass (Second Surface)

Printed on the cling side, designs are seen through the glass surface. This protects the decal from weather and wear.

Decal Material: Clear vs. White Options

Trying to decide between clear or white window decals? Here are the benefits of each option.


180-micron PET film. Clear custom window decals look like part of the glass, and they give people an unobstructed view into your shop or office.


150-micron PET film. Solid backgrounds make business window decals easier to read. Plus, you’re not limited to white – you can add the colour of your choice.


Application Guide

With these four steps, you can easily get your custom window decals set up and ready to go. (Pro tip: If you’re working with a larger decal, have someone on standby to help.)
How to clean Vistaprint decals

Make sure your surface is clear of any dust or particles.

Vistaprint window decals

2. WET
Cover the glass with a mix of warm water and washing up liquid.

how to apply window decals from Vistaprint

Peel your decal off its backing and place it on the glass.

How to apply decal

Start from the centre to smooth out liquid or bubbles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer custom sizes and shapes for business window decals?
A: Not at this time.

Q: Are inside-glass and second surface the same thing?
A: Yes. Inside-glass decals are also known as second surface custom window decals. Similarly, outside-glass decals are sometimes referred to as first surface decals.

Q: How can I avoid bubbles when I apply my custom window decals?
A: We recommend the “wet application method,” which we’ve outlined in the application guide above, as well as in these downloadable instructions.

Q: Can I reposition custom window decals?
A: Yes. To reposition your decal, just peel it off the glass and follow the steps outlined in our application guide above.

Q: Will these custom window decals work on non-glass surfaces?
A: We don’t recommend it. Our window decals are designed for use on flat glass.

Q: Can I use business window decals at different events?
A: We don’t recommend doing so. While our custom window decals can be repositioned easily, transporting and storing them for events can lead to dust and debris, which causes bubbling.

Q: What are custom window decals made of?
A: Our clear decals are made of 180-micron PET film. White decals are made of 150-micron PET film.

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